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Q.  What rules & regulations are applicable to the NGOs registered with NGO Affairs Bureau?


A.  The Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Ordinance 1978, The Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Rules 1978, The Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Ordinance, 1982, The Circular issued in 2001 by the Prime Minister’s Office relating to the ‘Working Procedure for foreign and foreign assisted Bangladeshi Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) working in Bangladesh and orders issued time to time by the NGO Affairs Bureau and the Government. The above mentioned Ordinances, Rules and Circulars are available on the website of the NGO Affairs Bureau.


Q.  What are the differences among FD-6, FD-7, FD-8 & FC-1?


A.  FD-6 is submitted to carry out voluntary activities and rehabilitation program.

      FD-7 is submitted for emergency relief program.

      FD-8 is submitted to meet the non-development expenditure of the NGOs.

      FC-1 is submitted to receive any foreign contribution (such as one time grant, air fair or air ticket, any equipment) under The Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Ordinance, 1982.


Q.  Can a project once approved be revised?


A.  Yes. But generally revision is highly discouraged because once a planning document is approved it should be implemented accordingly. Otherwise, it puts additional burden on NGOs & NGO Affairs Bureau as well. However, under inevitable circumstances revision is allowed.


Q.  Can a foreign NGO get other foreign NGOs as partner?


A.  No. According to paragraph 6.3 of the circular 2001 they can involve only national NGOs as partners, who are registered under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance, 1961. It means the local NGO must be registered with the Directorate of Social Welfare and the Directorate of Women Affairs.


Q.  Can a foreign NGO implement program in Bangladesh directly?


A.  Yes, it can. The foreign NGO can setup its office in Bangladesh to coordinate, monitor and evaluate activities of the Bangladeshi NGOs whom it supports. However, gradually the foreign NGOs are getting involved in program implementation.


Q.  Is there any priority locations for NGO activities?


A.  Yes. The Government of Bangladesh has a poverty Map. The map clearly show the poverty stricken areas with its severity. Bangladesh has monga (a situation when people lack of job opportunity for certain period of the year in the northern region of the country) prone areas like Rangpur, Gaibandha, Lalmonirhat, Kurigram and some other backward and disaster prone areas like coastal areas.  NGOs are encouraged to undertake suitable interventions in those priority locations.


Q.  Is there any priority of activities/ interventions for the NGOs to work in?


A.  Yes. The Government of Bangladesh urges that NGOs will bring forward developmental goals of the government and work as supplementary force of the government. The Government of Bangladesh has formulated VISION 2021 and so is the NGOs will take all efforts to achieving milestones of VISION 2021. Employment and income generating activities, health, nutrition, population control, WATSAN, education, vocational and technical education, SME development, women empowerment, children development, conservation of environment are some of the examples of priority areas.


Q.  Is renewal of FD registration necessary?

A.  Yes, renewal is necessary. The renewal is due in each 5 years after the FD registration. NGOs should apply for renewal 6 (six) months ahead of its expiry.


Q.  Can a foreign NGO open its country office in Bangladesh ? 

A.  Yes, it can. However, it is highly encouraged that foreign NGOs will support national NGOs from abroad.


Q.  Does the NGO Affairs Bureau audit NGO Programs?

A.  Yes. NGO Affairs Bureau needs audit report of each and every program of NGOs. Respective NGOs get audited  by NGO Affairs Bureau’s enlisted Audit Firms within 2 months after the project year.


Q.  How many Audit Firms are enlisted with NGO Affairs Bureau?

A.  There are 71 audit firms enlisted for the year 2010 and 2011. The list is available on NGOAB’s website.


Q.  What is the maximum limit ratio of project overhead and program cost?

A.  The Maximum overhead cost is15% of the total cost of the program.


 Q. Can NGOs mobilize resources from outside Bangladesh on credit?

A. No, they can’t. NGO Affairs Bureau deals with foreign grants, donations, contributions (even in kinds) to be used for any voluntary activity.


Q. Can an NGO receive foreign donation and implement its program without prior permission of NGO Affairs Bureau?

A.  No. It is a punishable offence under the existing law.


Q. Who is the focal point in NGO Affairs Bureau to ask for any information?

A. Deputy Director (General), Telephone no. 9562841, facsimile no. 9562844, email address: info@ngoab.gov.bd. However, NGOs registered with NGO Afairs Bureau should contact respective Directors for business purposes.





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